The Society was founded in 1920 with the object of providing opportunities for Welsh people in Edinburgh to meet socially and to continue their interest in the language and culture of Wales.

Membership is not restricted to those of Welsh origin. Anyone with an interest in Welsh culture is welcome to become a member and attend meetings.

We re-started meetings-in-person in March, with our St David’s Day dinner on 4 March and a Gymanfa Ganu on the following Sunday afternoon. However, to make it easy for folk to participate, we were back on-line for our AGM on Thursday 5 May – an election-free zone, where a goodly number ‘turned out’ in their wee Zoom window, to get an early heads-up on what is planned for our 2022–23 season and to enjoy a quiz.

One of the things we learned is that there are moves afoot in both Aberdeen and Newcastle to resurrect former Welsh Societies. If you live near either city, do drop an email to our Secretary, and she will put you in touch with the appropriate people.

Cysylltwch â ni / Contact us:

E-bost / E-mail: gro.yteicoshslewhgrubnidenull@yraterces

Llywydd / President: David Hughes 0131 447 6175

Trysorydd / Treasurer: David Hughes 0131 447 6175

Event bookings: Lilian John 0131 667 7525 or ku.oc.rednoyeulbnull@nhoj.nailil

Ysgrifenyddes / Secretary: Jennifer Welsher 0131 335 3161