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Mynydd and Monadh

Mynydd and Monadh – Echoes of Cymraeg in Scotland’s Gaelic Landscape
Talk in English by Roddy Maclean
Friday 24 September 2021, 7:00pm
Gaelic is the dominant language in the hilly and beautiful landscape of the Scottish Highlands. In this lecture, Scottish writer, broadcaster and educator Roddy Maclean explores how an understanding of cognate Celtic words and an ancient P-Celtic heritage can make that landscape seem a little more familiar to visitors from Wales. He will look at terms for landform and nature that represent a connection between our two Celtic nations, and will give advice on the structure and pronunciation of Gaelic toponyms.

Register at this link.

Transformation from old ruins

On-line lecture: Nant Gwrtheyrn
20 August at 19:00

Dr Carl Clowes, the founder, will tell the story of the Nant’s transformation from old ruins in the seventies to the language centre which is there nowadays.

Cwmulus is a series of live, on-line talks from small organisations in England, Wales, and wider afield. This is one of our bilingual events; Dr Clowes will speak in Welsh but there will also be a simultaneous translation available for the benefit of people who don’t speak the language yet.

You can register at There is no charge.

Bydd Dr Carl Clowes, y sylfaenydd, yn adrodd hanes trawsnewidiad y Nant o hen adfeilion yn y saithdegau i’r canolfan iaith sydd yno erbyn hyn.

Mae Cwmulus yn gyfres o sgyrsiau byw, ar-lein gan fudiadau bychan yng Nghymru, Lloegr, a thu hwnt. Dyma un o’n digwyddiadau dwyieithog; bydd Dr Clowes yn siarad Cymraeg ond bydd cyfieithiad ar y pryd ar gael hefyd er mwyn pobol sy ddim yn gallu siarad yr iaith eto.

Chi’n gallu cofrestru yma: Does dim cost.

The last whispers of Welsh in the Borders

Geoff Parkhouse of the Ancrum and District Heritage Society is giving a Zoom talk to our Society on Friday 21 May at 7:30pm. Intriguingly entitled “The last whispers of Welsh in the Borders: The forgotten history of the Prince of Cumbria, the Bishops of Glasgow and the legacy of the Gwyr y Gogledd”, Geoff’s talk will take the form of a PowerPoint presentation and he’ll be more than happy to take questions afterwards.

Glass or cuppa at the ready, do please join us! If you haven’t received an email with joining details, please get in touch with Jennifer Welsher: gro.yteicoshslewhgrubnidenull@yraterces.

Clwb Cwtsh

Anna Yardley Jones has drawn our attention to Welsh language sessions organised by Clwb Cwtsh. These are tailored for parents in particular but are also suitable for Nain and Taid, people working with young children and anyone who wishes to learn some basic Welsh (including plenty of nursery rhymes).

The sessions are free, available virtually, and you can follow them from anywhere around the world. The sessions run for eight weeks starting w/b 10 May, with courses available on different days and at different times. It’s still not too late to join in.

More details on the Clwb Cwtsh Facebook page at


You’ll have read in Jennifer’s report on the Christmas Carols and Lessons session that “we could all sing the lovely Welsh carols”. Whilst that was indeed the case with the more traditional elements of the afternoon, your webmaster really enjoyed listening to a couple of more modern pieces found online by Team Brandie, and especially this song of the angels: 


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