Gwyl Crime Cymru Festival

Wales’ first international crime literature festival is taking place after Easter – Wednesday 17 – Friday 19 April and Monday 22 – Wednesday 24 April 2024. The physical festival is taking place in Aberystwyth, one of several other festivals/events that will make the town a lively environment, but you don’t have to attend in person …

There are two free on-line events lasting an hour every evening at 18:30 and 20:00, and recorded events at 16:00 on the intervening Saturday and Sunday (20/21 April) that will be available to watch for a month. Full details at this link. You need to book, but it’s totally free, and there are also some give-aways!

Crime Cymru is the brainchild of Alis Hawkins, whose idea it was to bring the crime writers of Wales together for a mutually supportive group in 2016. But after discussions with fellow crime writers Matt Johnson and Rosie Claverton, in 2017 Crime Cymru was officially born with a much more ambitious remit – not only to support each other but to develop new crime writers and to take Welsh crime writing to the world! From that meeting onwards, the membership grew steadily and the group as of 2022 had 40 published crime writing members and more than 30 associate members.