Sarn Helen

At 7.00pm on Friday 5 April Mike Farnworth will give a talk entitled “Sarn Helen: A slice through Roman Wales”.

Sarn Helen was a Roman road which went all the way from one end of Wales to the other. It wasn’t exactly straight, and it didn’t lead to Rome, but in other respects it was a typical Roman road. Most of the route can still be traced, linking sites which were important in Roman times.

This talk looks at life and travel in Roman Wales, using slides to illustrate the course of Sarn Helen from North to South and to show the places of interest on the way. It also considers the questions of why the Romans were in Wales in the first place, and who, exactly, was Helen?

Our friends at Cwmulus are hosting this on-line talk, which this time is in English rather than Welsh. Registration at this link.