St David’s Day dinner

Friday 4 March 2022

Thirty three members and guests enjoyed a splendid meal at the golf club. We were well looked after by David Henderson and his team. Our President was sadly laid low with Covid but our lovely “First Lady” Alison stood in for him beautifully. Margaret Brandie said grace and we tucked in.

Following the meal not one but four guest speakers shared their reminiscences of the Society over the years. First, Jennifer Welsher’s daughter, Gilli, who grew up thoroughly embedded in the Society from the age of 5. Then Huw Thomas, President from 1991–2, recalled that he was welcomed not only to the Society, but to the strong Llanelli contingent. Thirdly, we heard how Megan Whitelaw joined as a student, left to concentrate on her finals, and joined again when she heard Jennifer’s name on the radio. And last but by no means least, Huw John, President from 2004–5, rounded off the evening with a toast to Dewi Sant. All four were delightfully funny, moving and entertaining. The evening was rounded off beautifully with community singing, led by Jim Hughes, assisted by Huw Thomas.