Gymanfa Ganu

Sunday 22 April 2018

20 members and friends responded to the invitation to come and sing hymns at our Mini Gymanfa Ganu in the newly-redecorated Reid large hall. Jim Hughes being sadly “unfit for active duties”, Huw Thomas introduced the items as well as accompanying our singing on the piano. Huw’s introductions gave an interesting insight into the music as well as telling selected stories behind the hymns.

An innovation was that Huw had selected just seven hymns to start with, leaving the final three for members to complete with their favourites. In our secret ballot, no fewer than seven hymns tied for third place with one vote each (from which the voting slip drawn was for Diadem), and second place went to Saron, which attracted three votes (and a story shared by Jennifer that we hope will be appearing in our archive slot). But first place, by a country mile, went to Calon Lân, with an astonishing eight votes! Happily this was also the favourite hymn of Trystan Poulter (age 5½) who had been brought along by his mother Lisa, our former Secretary.