“Gogs” and terraced housing

Jim Hughes found a recent BBC4 repeat very interesting, and invites us to watch it. The second of Dan Cruickshank’s “At home with the British” programmes concerns terraced housing, and Dan visits the Toxteth area of Liverpool where “Gogs” were heavily involved. You can access it on iPlayer at this link until 16 May.

David Hughes points out that the programme didn’t mention the street names which are also a lasting sign of the Welsh influence in Toxteth – Madryn St / Rhiwlas St / Dovey St / Wylfa Road, etc. – all live on in Toxteth. There are many more – known as the “Welsh Streets” locally.

Webmaster’s note: The Welsh Streets have been under threat from demolition and redevelopment for many years. Go to this link to find out what a residents’ group has been able to do to influence regeneration of the area.