Pull on those boots!

John Evans sent this e-mail…

I’m sure you remember the TV sketch about the creation of the Welsh Assembly … “Welcome to the Welsh Assembly… we’re going to have a vote on the nuclear deterrent, but first of all there’s a nice policeman here to talk to us about road safety …”!

Anyway, the Welsh Assembly now has a rugby team and will play the Scottish Parliament on the morning of the Scotland v Wales game.  This is a parliamentary event where ‘SNP’ stands for ‘Sorry,  No Props’, ‘Brexit Article 50’ is a line-out call, and a ‘reshuffle’ is a back row move. (I had others but wasn’t allowed to use anybody’s name!) We even have a Welsh referee in the shape of Hywel Williams (our committee man himself).

If you would like to pull on the boots again and play in a very gentle game in the name of the Welsh Diaspora (even if you have a tenuous Cambrian connection) let me know and we’ll add you to the squad.  I hope you can make it. I’ve sent this to those of you who remain in exile or those who may be up for the international.  Please let others know – Morlais – allwch chi hal i Gwyndaf hefyd?


You can contact John via moc.liamgnull@dccswe