Ffynhonnau Carpiau Cymru

In Wales there are hundreds of sacred wells amongst which are a small number where there was (and is) a custom of leaving rags in them, or nearby, or trying to foretell the future of a sick person by putting clothes in the well itself. This presentation will take a look at the historical evidence for these practices in Wales and beyond, and their geographical distribution, through interpreting the available information and weighing-up claims that they might be connected with paganism or Celticism. It will also look at the significance of the revival of the practices from the end of the Twentieth Century onwards.

The talk at 7:00pm on Friday 17 June will be presented in Welsh by Howard Huws, Secretary of Cymdeithas Ffynhonnau Cymry and editor of “Llygad y Ffynnon”, who has spent years studying our country’s sacred wells, and there will be an optional simultaneous translation. Register at this link.