Did the Welsh discover America?

At 7.00pm on Friday 29 September Mike Farnworth will give a talk entitled “Columbus – The Latecomer”.

When Christopher Columbus returned triumphantly to Spain as “The Man Who Discovered America” he inadvertently started an entirely new academic field: the study of claims that other explorers had been there before him.

Pre-Columbian transoceanic contact theories speculate about visits from most of the rest of the world. Who got there first? Was it the Vikings? Was it the Irish? Was it the Ancient Egyptians? Was it the Japanese? What about the Welsh?

This illustrated talk tells the stories of several different putative discoverers of America and presents some of the evidence behind the claims made on their behalf.

Our friends at Cwmulus are hosting this on-line talk, which this time is in English rather than Welsh. Registration at this link.